Pensacola Wedding Photographer

As a new year begins, I can’t help by reflect on the year past and feel immense gratitude for the incredible opportunities that came by way. Here’s the funny thing about opportunities; we are very rarely prepared for or expecting them, and it often takes great courage to answer the door when they knock. I didn’t know this when I started Avant Images 8 years ago, but I am so thankful that somewhere along the line I realized it and found the courage to say “yes” to the amazing opportunity that comes with closing my company now.

For 8 years I have been incredibly grateful for and humbled by the family, friends, and clients who have supported me on this journey of photography and business ownership. There is truly no possible way I could be where I am today without this wonderful group of people who believed in me and my abilities, and I am so excited to be able to continue on this journey with an even bigger, stronger network of people beside me.

If you found your way here looking for a photographer for your wedding or to photograph your family I would be thrilled if you would hop on over to www.aislinnkatephotography.com. There you will find me along with a few other amazing photographers who would love to work with you.

Cheers to a beautiful new year filled with opportunity.



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